Today, pharmaceutical companies are facing an ever-changing environment. Active mergers and acquisitions, stronger regulatory framework and drain in product pipelines mean that companies have to react strategically and tactically on changes, from supporting structure, pharmacovigilance to sales & marketing strategies.


Scentise works with a spectrum of clients in medical device industry, from cardiovascular devices to surgical devices, from diagnostics product to medical consumables. Our expertise allows us to connect high caliber candidates with clients, and our specialist team serves the different sectors.


Consumer Healthcare / OTC industry represents a very competitive and dynamic business. Swift change in consumer behavior and keen market competition mean that only industry players demonstrate agility to react with market dynamism can sustain in the market.


Diagnostics and Laboratory industry is facing an dynamic environment, yet with challenges. Breakthrough in technology and increasing awareness on healthiness has widen the market, yet increasing regulatory monitoring and concern on product quality and safety have drawn the alerts of the industry players.


Clinical research industry is facing a highly competivie yet glooming environment. Irreversible trend in migrating from in-house team to outsource service by Contract Research Organization (CRO), yet with increasing new but strong industry players enter the markets.


Healthcare industry always in a fast-pacing and challenging environment. Balancing between cost and resources, increasing patient awareness and expectation mean that only industry players demonstrate agility to react can achieve the success. Scentise works with a spectrum of clients in healthcare practice.

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